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The Trust Shifts

Everyone seems to agree that digital transformation has a trust problem, but few try to look behind the curtain: What is the nature of the problem? Trust is one of those concepts that can endlessly be discussed without any conclusions or impact. Like freedom. The analysis of language practice tells […]

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How to Deploy Big Data and AI in Business

Quick wins, substantial wins, and big wins in big data and AI deployment follow different patterns of identification and implementation. Knowing these patterns makes it easier to perform a proper expectation management. Quick wins Quick wins with big data and/or AI re not as quick as people expect. Usually it […]

Two Key Learnings from the Health Crisis

Covid-19 is strongly entangled with digital transformation, both in positive and negative ways. On the one hand, Covid-19 has boosted online formats in business, healthcare, education and even in government. On the other hand, Covid-19 has highlighted the missing capabilities in inter- and intra-organization information management. Both ICT application areas […]

A Look into the Future

This article covers present issues around the ICT professions. Paradigms of the past are compared to those emerging at present and the road forward is described as one that involves letting go of former and well supported beliefs and embracing new while at the same time unsure developments in both […]

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SI In Review: A Report

The Swiss Informatics Society (SI) faced several challenges in the past year. Some of them were mastered very successfully; while others remain a burden to the future. All though the Covid-19 crisis and the certification business provided SI with real challenges, there was significant growth in other areas of operation […]

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Every Crisis is a Chance

Dear Members We hope this letter finds you and your family well and  SI would also like to assure all of our members that SI has taken measures so that the association continues with its duties towards its members and is continuing its work for the IT community in Switzerland in […]

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Applying ICT knowledge to ICT business

Software engineering practices have changed the way we look at organisations. It has become widely accepted that agile practices improve the speed of change. It has been partly understood that teams are more important than processes, as they reduce the biggest risk in many companies which is the failure of […]

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Happy Digital Transformation in 2019!!

Alle reden mit, wenn es um die digitale Transformation geht! Nur von den IT-Ingenieuren, Wirtschaftsinformatikern und IT-Fachspezialisten hört man recht wenig. Manch eine/einer von uns muss gar den Tiefschlag erlebean gerade deshalb als unglaubwürdig abgetan zu werden, weil sie/er IT-Fachexpertise besitzt. Ich habe das das früher selbst erlebt, als ich […]

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Très faciunt collegium: How digital business works

  Quoting from a private communication with a Swiss executive: “The executive boards already understand digitalization, but the boards of directors don’t.” This is indeed widely true in Switzerland. However, it is only part of the truth, because members of executive boards and members of boards of directors usually also […]

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Technology ≠ Digital Transformation

Viele leiten aus der Ungleichung “Technologie ≠ digitale Transformation” ab, dass wir weniger über Technologie reden sollten, weil es im Wesentlichen um Transformationsprozesse geht. Diese Schlussfolgerung scheint logisch zu sein – und trotzdem ist sie das Gegenteil der Wahrheit. Das Verstehen der Technologie ist die Grundvoraussetzung für das erfolgreiche Gestalten […]