Celebrate IT Professionals Day on 27 April

IT Professionals Day is a dedicated day celebrating the role and contribution that IT professionals make in advancing business and society. The day helps professionals to realise their value and consider their own professional development. It also provides the opportunity for stakeholders to discuss relevant issues and for industry leaders to speak about global trends in the sector. It creates a momentum for individuals working in diverse IT roles to see themselves as part of a cohesive profession adhering to high ethical standards and using specialist knowledge to work in a responsible way taking public welfare and safety into consideration.


IT Professionals Day began its journey in Ireland in 2015 with a seminar hosted by ICS Foundation supported by the European Commission and leading Irish CIOs, CEOs, education and policy leaders. In 2016, eSkills Malta Foundation hosted a round-table discussion on professional standards attended by leading academics and business directors. In the same year, the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) hosted a scientific conference and technology workshop led by experts from leading IT companies and university representatives, with over 700 participants attending in person or online through live conference streaming.

Get Involved

In 2017, ICS in collaboration with eSkills Malta Foundation, with the support from CEPIS, the IT Professionalism Europe Network and the European Commission, are planning to organise this event collectively. Join in the movement and use this pan-European event to advance and promote the interests of all IT professionals. You can get involved carrying out any of the ideas below or using additional ones:

  • Organising local events to promote IT professionalism, for example, providing information on Continuous Professional Development, the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) and ethical standards. Invite prominent IT leaders, academics, analysts and policy makers to speak on topical issues and provide opportunities for stakeholder engagement and debate.
  • Promoting the message! Use the online platform to ask individuals to Commit to a Code of Conduct, Connect with other professionals and Contribute by volunteering to support a worthy cause. Use this platform to post videos giving advice on how to ‘survive and thrive’ in the profession or simply bring your team together and show support through a ‘Happy IT Professionals’ Day’ wish.
  • Creating opportunities to bring school students and professionals together through IT education outreach activities.
  • Contributing to an IT Professionalism and regulation Survey. The eSkills Malta Foundation are planning to organise a Survey on IT Professionalism and invite all EU member states to get involved so that a European-wide analysis is also carried out.
  • Recognising outstanding work or research in the area through awards for computing students or fellowship of your organisation for exceptional individuals
  • Promoting this IT Professionals Day Event on your social media platform.
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