Reinhard Riedl is New President of the Swiss Computer Science Society

Reinhard Riedl (BFH) was elected as new President at the General Assembly of the Swiss Informatics Society (SI). He replaces the computer science pioneer Jürg Gutknecht (ETH), who held the presidency of the SI for four years.

Reinhard Riedl (53) is currently head of the Digital Society Center of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). His research activities have been characterized by transdisciplinary work and driven by coincidence. By chance, he came for doctoral studies in Switzerland and dealt in his dissertation with the interaction of Banach space geometry, function theory and analytical and stochastic potential theory – quasi with inner-mathematical transdisciplinarity.

He came to eGovernment as part of a project on system-related software. He discovered that interfaces between diverse teams did not seem to work and turned to Boundary Objects in the interdisciplinary collaboration. When he saw software developers build up an architecture that violated public law out of enthusiasm for a new framework, he started to study law. In Brussels, he is often active to as an expert on technical infrastructure projects, especially on those that deal with digital identity, but his research on the Digital Single Market is deliberately multidisciplinary. At the same time,  it addresses political, legal, technical and economic aspects. Among other things, Riedl is currently scientifically supporting the development of an open source agricultural data exchange platform and researching Digital Health.

One component of his work that remains a constant is his collaborations with artists. From 1995 to 2006 he led the blog «Zurich’s Cynical Theater Index». He then researched teamwork in music, developed the workshop concept “Cage for Managers” with music mediator Barbara B. Weber, and conducted numerous artist interviews. Currently, He is working with the Wittgenstein researcher and artist, Tine Melzer on a project concerning «digital transformation».

Reinhard Riedl’s goals as President of the SI

  • Give computer scientists a voice in the discussion around digital transformation and establish the SI again as a platform for the interdisciplinary discourse in computer science
  • inspire more young computer scientists for the SI and intensify cooperation between the Management Board and specialist groups
  • continue the content of his predecessor Jürg Gutknecht: the commitment to more lessons on computational thinking and programming in schools, the promotion of professionalization and addressing social issues

work as a member of the Executive Board, for example in the field of ethics.

In addition to the goals outlined above, Riedl will take care of the urgent practical challenges that have arisen in recent years. And he will continue projects from his previous

“In times of digitization there are often two opposing perspectives,” he says. “For the SI, this is twofold: on the one hand, computer science is a discipline that should not be watered down. On the other hand, any problem-solving with computers is also computer science and the separation into real and other computer science makes little sense. “In addition” In the future, we as SI have to be both a member society and a social enterprise. “

The departing president Jürg Gutknecht and the board of the Swiss Informatics Society (SI) recommended Reinhard Riedl for election and the SI of the SI followed the proposal. Jürg Gutknecht promised to support Riedl actively.


Main and secondary tasks of Reinhard Riedl outside the SI (selection):

  • Research Professor of E-Government at the BFH (since 2006)
  • Scientific Director of the Department of Economics of the BFH (since 2014)
  • Co-founder and director of the transdisciplinary BFH center Digital Society (since 2015)
  • Publisher of the science blog (since 2015)
  • Editor of the journal << eGov Presence »(since 2007)
  • Co-founder and member of the executive board of Luchsinger Mathematics AG
    (, formerly
  • President of the International Society for New Music Bern
  • Co-founder and Vice President of the Swiss E-Government Symposium
  • Jury President “Public Affairs” of the Best of Swiss Web Award
  • Member of the steering committee of the National Research Program «Big Data»
  • Member of the steering committee of TA-Swiss
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Ifib GmbH (University of Bremen)
  • Board member of the Health Forum Praevenire (Austria)
  • Board member of


Education Reinhard Riedl

  • 1989: Dipl. Ing. In Technical Mathematics (University of Linz)
  • 1994: Dr. phil. II (today Dr. rer. Nat.) In Mathematics (University of Zurich)


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