SciencEmotion | Technik für Jugendliche


sciencEmotion oder wie werden Wissenschaft und Technik für Jugendliche attraktiv? Wie gelingt es, Jugendliche im Alter von 12-21 für technische Themen und Berufswege zu begeistern? Diese Fragen stellen sich heute viele Unternehmen und Initiativen. Das […]


Multimedia Section: Competition Award


Manuela Pfiffner, a student at the HTW Chur Department of Multimedia Production at Prof. Ines Jansky, was awarded a video competition for the video “BodyPoweredSense” by the two Informatics societies, GI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informatik) und […]


The Digital Art Weeks : A Decade of Accomplishment


INTRODUCTION Zurich and Basel Switzerland, Xian, Shanghai and Bejing China, Vancouver Island, Canada, Singapore, Singapore and Seoul, South Korea are the places in which the Digital Art Weeks Internaional have take place over the past […]


Technology Outlook and Megatrends – A Review


Technology Outlook is an event held annually by the Swiss Informatics Society SI in collaboration with the Austrian Future Network. It is dedicated to society-relevant IT themes and megatrends, and in particular to the opportunities, […]

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