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How to Deploy Big Data and AI in Business

06/04/2021 0

Quick wins, substantial wins, and big wins in big data and AI deployment follow different patterns of identification and implementation. Knowing these patterns makes it easier to perform a proper expectation management. Quick wins Quick […]

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Applying ICT knowledge to ICT business

15/01/2020 0

Software engineering practices have changed the way we look at organisations. It has become widely accepted that agile practices improve the speed of change. It has been partly understood that teams are more important than […]

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Technology Replaces Organizations

01/10/2017 0

Everyone has heard about platform economy and its branch, sharing economy. But what does it imply for an existing company? How do blockchains get into the picture? What should management boards care about? What is […]

Economy 2.0 Summer Edition

Identity in Cyberspace

04/07/2017 0

I have a colleague – and this not me myself – who has recently become victim of several identity thefts in a row. The goal of the thefts was to severely damage his life and […]