The Art of the Blockchain

19/04/2021 0

The acronym NTF stands for non-fungible token is one that is crossing boundaries in the digital world. An NTF is a unit of data stored on a blockchain so that it certifies as unique and […]


Blogroll: Digital Collaboration

05/05/2020 0

Digital collaboration implies the simultaneous work of 2 or more people at different locations and on a common task. For this purpose there are an increasing number of creative and exciting tools and technologies available. […]


BlogRoll: Digital Learning

01/04/2020 0

About Digital learning is on the threshold of a new level. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, an acute need for digital learning formats for the global upskilling challenge as well as better bandwidths and innovative new […]


Blogroll: Upside of Disruption

16/02/2017 0

Today, it is important for all of us to see not just the dots,but the processes that connects to form the basis of our society. The forum is set put to help others join together […]