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Save the date: SDS 2021

31/05/2021 0

The Swiss Digital Summit (SDS) is a yearly symposium organized by the Swiss Informatics Society SI. The goal of the SDS is to inform about trends and recent achievements in Informatics research. It aims at presenting […]

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SI participates in the IT Fire Initiative

31/03/2021 0

The SI Board has decided on 31 March 2021 to participate in the IT-Fire initiative (IT-Feuer / IT tout feu tout flamme / La fiamma IT). IT-Fire aims to motivate girls to pursue a career […]


A Look into the Future

25/09/2020 0

This article covers present issues around the ICT professions. Paradigms of the past are compared to those emerging at present and the road forward is described as one that involves letting go of former and […]


SI In Review: A Report

22/09/2020 0

The Swiss Informatics Society (SI) faced several challenges in the past year. Some of them were mastered very successfully; while others remain a burden to the future. All though the Covid-19 crisis and the certification […]


Swiss Digital Summit 2020

16/09/2020 0

About the Swiss Digital Summit 2020 The Swiss Informatics association SI promotes information technology, “in Switzerland in research and in practice. With a membership of almost 2000 individuals and collectives the SI is the largest […]


SI General Assembly 2020

16/09/2020 0

Due to the present restraints on the number of persons that are permitted to assemble is limited, and due to the possibility that this number could change in the near future, this year’s General Assembly […]


Chaque Crise Est Une Chance

01/04/2020 0

Chers membres Un moment de grande préoccupation est également un moment de grand engagement. Ici, à la SI, nous tenons également à assurer à tous nos membres que la SI a pris des mesures pour […]


Niklaus Wirth Young Computer Science Award 2019

02/12/2019 0

Das Hauptgebäude der ETH Zürich war am 24. Mai 2019 der Austragungsort für die Verleihung des Niklaus Wirth Young Computer Science Award für die besten Maturitätsarbeiten im Fach Informatik. Am festlichen Anlass wurden in Anwesenheit […]

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