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Record participation in the Swiss IT Biber Competition

28/02/2021 0

Launched in Lithuania in 2003 by Prof. Valentina Dagienė of Vilnius University, the BEBRAS competition aims to get children and young people excited about computer science and promote computational thinking. Worldwide, nearly 3 million students […]


Fresh successes at the First Lego League

18/02/2021 0

The two Chur teams “i-Girls” and “Fluffy” qualify for the final of the best teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the regional championship of the First Lego League. The “i-Girls” and “Fluffy”, both teams […]


WebConferencing: Einfach loslegen bis systemisch angehen

07/05/2020 0

1 Einleitung «Einen Artikel über WebConferencing? Braucht es das? Einloggen, Mikrofon und Kamera freischalten und loslegen! Völlig einfach. Da braucht es doch keine Anleitung und schon gar keinen eigenen Artikel in einem Fachmagazin.» Stimmt, wenn […]

15 Square Game

Computational Thinking ≠ Programming

15/02/2017 0

Introduction Computational Thinking is argued to be tomorrow’s reality as a crucial skill for the 21st Century workforce. What process one follows to formulate and resolve a problem, and how the abilities of human thinking […]


Interview mit Prof. Martin Vollenweider, HTW Chur

11/01/2017 0

Since 2009 the HTW Chur offers the bachelor program Multimedia Production. The full-time program offers a broad education in the fields of multimedia, communication and journalism, which is continuously adapted to new developments. In this interview, […]