Daniel Stoller-Schai - 5 Maggio 2020
Digital collaboration implies the simultaneous work of 2 or more people at different locations and on a common task. For this purpose there are an increasing number of creative and exciting tools and technologies available. However, digital collaboration also takes place between one person and various intelligent systems and assistants: I can expand my possibilities with a team of bots, assistants and automated tasks to develop my collaborative eco-system with people and machines. This requires social skills as well as very practical tool skills and theoretical knowledge. —> Digital collaboration is thus a basis for success in network organizations.
About Daniel Stoller-Schai
Daniel Stoller-Schai is an experienced Digital Collaboration & Learning expert. As manager for digital learning and work technologies, he implemented customer projects at Phonak, UBS, CREALOGIX and numerous other companies and start-ups. In April 2019 he founded the company “Collaboration Design” (www.collaboration-design.ch), which focuses on the design, implementation and support of collaborative learning and work processes in companies, organizations and educational institutions.

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