Person setting a trust dial to “high”
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The Trust Shifts

Everyone seems to agree that digital transformation has a trust problem, but few try to look behind the curtain: What is the nature of the problem? Trust is one of those concepts that can endlessly be discussed without any conclusions or impact. Like freedom. The analysis of language practice tells […]

Privacy Security Winter
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Safety. Relevant. Software. Secure Coding. CyberSecurity-Resilienz

The digitization of processes in all industries and in administration is progressing with great momentum. New opportunities, new processes, new dependencies, new risks are constantly emerging. Old things are becoming obsolete and the dynamic “state of the art” is becoming increasingly relevant and challenging. This has led and continues to […]

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Two Key Learnings from the Health Crisis

Covid-19 is strongly entangled with digital transformation, both in positive and negative ways. On the one hand, Covid-19 has boosted online formats in business, healthcare, education and even in government. On the other hand, Covid-19 has highlighted the missing capabilities in inter- and intra-organization information management. Both ICT application areas […]

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Corona- und Digitalisierungs-Challenge als das «Neue Normale»

Die Planung und Umsetzung der Transformation / Digitalisierung sollte ein vom Management gesteuerter und vom mittleren Management aktiv unterstützter Prozess sein. Das bzw. der diesbezügliche Reifegrad der Digitalisierung der Organisationen wurde speziell in den letzten Monaten ersichtlich und auch noch kommender Zeit weiterhin stark (heraus)gefordert in technologischer und organisatorischer Hinsicht. […]

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A Look into the Future

This article covers present issues around the ICT professions. Paradigms of the past are compared to those emerging at present and the road forward is described as one that involves letting go of former and well supported beliefs and embracing new while at the same time unsure developments in both […]

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Rückgrat und Steigbügel des Homeoffice und Digitalisierung

Resiliente und sichere Hybrid-Cloud: Rückgrat und Steigbügel des Homeoffice und Digitalisierung – speziell auch in Corona-Phase An Diskussionen, in den Medien oder in Digitalisierungs-Projekten wird viel von «Cloud» gesprochen, von App- und Daten-Clouds, auf die alle von überall aus, immer verfügbar und möglichst sicher Zugriff haben. Aber niemand fragt nach […]

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What’s Wrong with AI? A Discussion Paper

AI ON THE RISE There are probably not many people who would doubt that we have arrived in an age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Of course, this opens up many previously untapped opportunities, ranging from production to automated driving and everyday applications. In fact, not only digital […]

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Applying ICT knowledge to ICT business

Software engineering practices have changed the way we look at organisations. It has become widely accepted that agile practices improve the speed of change. It has been partly understood that teams are more important than processes, as they reduce the biggest risk in many companies which is the failure of […]

A Code of Ethics for SI?
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Braucht die SI Ethikrichtlinien?

Auch wenn sie nicht immer so heissen, haben doch alle Berufsorganisationen Ethikrichtlinien. Diese Richtlinien helfen den Mitgliedern, sich in für die jeweilige Gruppe spezifischen ethischen Konfliktsituationen („richtig“) zu entscheiden. Ist es zum Beispiel für InformatikerInnen ethisch verantwortbar, an einem Projekt mitzuarbeiten, mit dessen Hilfe die Kriegsführung durch Drohnen optimiert wird? […]