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Test Post 2

This is the title line (formatted as h3)

This is a testing post. It serves for testing the engine used for rendering the SIDM. If you accidentally see this post as a reader, please ignore it.
We now add a regular paragraph with some dummy text, just serving for filling more than one line, followed by a bulleted list.

  • First bulleted list item (should render as “•   First bulleted list item”
  • Second bulleted list item
  • Third bulleted list item.

Next follows a regular paragraph.

This is the next paragraph block, followed by a numbered list block.

  1. Item 1 of numbered list (should render as: “1. Item 1 of numbered list”)
  2. Item 2 of numbered list

SI Logo

The Swiss Informatics Society SI is the association of Informatics professionals in Switzerland.

Die Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft SI ist der Verband der Informatikfachleute in der Schweiz.

La Société Suisse d’Informatique SI est l’association des professionnels de l’informatique en Suisse.

La Società Svizzera di Informatica SI è l’associazione dei professionisti dell’informatica in Svizzera.