Digital sovereignty for a secure future in the cyber age

Digital sovereignty is increasingly recognized as a success factor in the cyber-dominated age. The pandemic makes us very aware of the opportunities and, at the same time, the extreme dependence on IT technologies. As a spokesperson for the GI Economic Advisory Board, I hold discussions with IT experts from business, […]

Privacy Security Winter

Safety. Relevant. Software. Secure Coding. CyberSecurity-Resilienz

The digitization of processes in all industries and in administration is progressing with great momentum. New opportunities, new processes, new dependencies, new risks are constantly emerging. Old things are becoming obsolete and the dynamic “state of the art” is becoming increasingly relevant and challenging. This has led and continues to […]

Two Key Learnings from the Health Crisis

Covid-19 is strongly entangled with digital transformation, both in positive and negative ways. On the one hand, Covid-19 has boosted online formats in business, healthcare, education and even in government. On the other hand, Covid-19 has highlighted the missing capabilities in inter- and intra-organization information management. Both ICT application areas […]

SI Snowflakes

Voeux de fin d’année! Frohe Feiertage! Season’s Greetings!

Chers membres, chers collègues, En cette fin d’année, j’avais à cœur de faire une rétrospective des faits marquants du paysage informatique suisse. Le premier évènement mondial a été la pandémie de SARS-CoV-2. Si ce virus a eu malheureusement des effets négatifs sur la population sanitairement parlant, il a également eu […]