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New SI Board Members Elected

On its general assembly of May 12, 2022, the Swiss Informatics Society SI has elected/re-elected its board and president for a two-year term (2022-2024).   Francis Baud has been re-elected as president of SI. Nora Sleumer and Iris Zeyda have been elected as new SI Board members. The board members […]

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Devenir membre de SI Réseautage En tant que membre de la SI, vous faites partie d’un réseau respecté et actif de scientifiques et de professionnels de l’informatique. En tant que membre de SI, vous pouvez devenir membre d’un ou de plusieurs des groupements d’intérêts spécialisés. Manifestations Les membres reçoivent des invitations aux nombreux […]

Key Image: Gefärliche Mathmatik
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Dangerous mathematics?

Algorithms are ubiquitous in our society. They automate human thought and decision processes with the help of mathematical formulas. But how rational are these data-based decisions? And how do we distinguish useful from dangerous algorithms? The topic of “artificial intelligence” divides society. Some see it as a great opportunity, others […]

Swiss Digital Finance Conference
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The Swiss Digital Finance Conference!

Since 2016, the Swiss Informatics Society has been co-organizing the Swiss Digital Finance Conference at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) as part of a partnership. Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas from the HSLU is responsible for the management of the conference. He is lecturer and head of […]

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Digital sovereignty for a secure future in the cyber age

Digital sovereignty is increasingly recognized as a success factor in the cyber-dominated age. The pandemic makes us very aware of the opportunities and, at the same time, the extreme dependence on IT technologies. As a spokesperson for the GI Economic Advisory Board, I hold discussions with IT experts from business, […]

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Voeux de fin d’année! Frohe Feiertage! Season’s Greetings!

Chers membres, chers collègues, En cette fin d’année, j’avais à cœur de faire une rétrospective des faits marquants du paysage informatique suisse. Le premier évènement mondial a été la pandémie de SARS-CoV-2. Si ce virus a eu malheureusement des effets négatifs sur la population sanitairement parlant, il a également eu […]

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Documenting and Preserving Heritage Creatively

News Digital Heritage SIG In 2018, the Digital Heritage SIG organised an exhibition with the Zurich artist Peter Grenacher focusing on his research with the Ishango Bone, which was presented in the ETH Zurich and seen by several hundreds visitors. In the same vane, the Digital Heritage SIG in collaboration […]

Jakub Tarnawski
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GI-Dissertationspreis 2020: Neuer Algorithmus für “Problem des Handlungsreisenden”

Für seine herausragende Doktorarbeit zum mathematischen Problem des Handlungsreisenden erhält Jakub Tarnawski den Dissertationspreis der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) Berlin, 30. September 2020 – Dr. Jakub Tarnawski erhält den mit 5.000 Euro dotierten GI-Dissertationspreis, eine gemeinsame Auszeichnung der Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft (SI), der Österreichischen Computergesellschaft (OCG) und der Gesellschaft […]

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INTRODUCTION Édition d’automne

Chers collègues de la SI Chers lecteurs du magazine SIDM En vedette de ce numéro du Swiss Digital Magazine, deux articles traitent de thèmes cruciaux, quoique apparemment indépendants l’un de l’autre. Le premier de ces deux articles phares est consacré à la question de savoir pourquoi l’informatique devrait trouver son […]

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SI In Review: A Report

The Swiss Informatics Society (SI) faced several challenges in the past year. Some of them were mastered very successfully; while others remain a burden to the future. All though the Covid-19 crisis and the certification business provided SI with real challenges, there was significant growth in other areas of operation […]