About SIDM

The Swiss Informatics Digital Magazine (SIDM) is the publication channel of the Swiss Informatics Society (SI). We will keep you up to date with news of our society such as reports from special interest groups (SIG), conferences, awards, etc. Moreover, you will find articles in three main areas: (1) technology, (2) education and (3) society. As an organization representing IT professionals SI is committed to publish articles on new technology and IT projects. As IT is a rapidly changing field, continuing education is a must for every IT professional, and digital competencies are taught to children in primary school already you will find contributions on various aspects of IT education as well. Finally, since more and more activities of our daily life are conducted electronically, and data protection is of vital interest to our society, we will inform you about society-relevant IT topics and publish pros and cons in cases of upcoming votes.

Several columnists have shared their viewpoints in SIDM in the past. We will continue this tradition also with the new SIDM layout and will show viewpoints from our existing columnists and will invite other experts to contribute their opinions.