Fridel Rickenbacher - 15 Febbraio 2017

For decades, due to a lack of real alternatives, business process/requirements had to be mapped with local ICT support processes and also “best practices” based system management environments that have functioned to date and always acted as a robust “backbone”.

As with advancing digitalization and future topics such as “artificial intelligence”, IoT and robotics, interdisciplinary, networked collaboration in traditional ICT support is becoming increasingly relevant and ultimately business-critical.

Simple and complex support processes can be orchestrated through the sometimes disruptive adaptation of external services from the cloud or external service providers.

This long-established approach of “best out of all” solutions to support or relieve existing support organizations is also changing the focus from the original system management to combined services management with combined internal / external or only external forces.

The resulting flexibility, service level optimization and business support focus of ICT (with simultaneous risk optimization) ultimately also supports the transformational strategy in the direction of digitization.

As we know, we only use a fraction of the efficiency-enhancing ICT functionalities – let alone the included, co-licensed features – so it is very worthwhile to make these additional benefit aspects accessible by means of appropriate usage optimization and “best practices” training based on this, in close cooperation with such service/support organizations.

“Only when “light” is shed on the “shadow IT” that has grown dynamically and mostly heterogeneously over many years can the liberating transparency and automated standardization that will be necessary in the future emerge as the basis for new business models and degrees of freedom.

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