Video Journal: SWISS DIGITAL SUMMIT 2020 – Part 1

The Swiss Digital Summit was created with the goal of informing the public of trends and new achievements in IT. Researchers from all over the world present their research in a language to be understood by the public in general, while keeping the scientific depth at the highest academic level. As we approach this year’s edition which will be held in November, we invite you to revive last year’s summit which main theme was Digital transformation in economy and society. Here is Part 1 of this video series : you will hear Prof Joachim Buhmann Professor of Computer Science, from ETH Zurich on “Machine Learning – a Paradigm Shift in Human Thought!?”. Video credits: Mr. Fredy Schwyter.">
About Fredy Schwyter 88 Articoli
Fredy Schwyter heads the SIG Multimedia and with a MA in Professional Practice in Creative Media Industries, he is engaged in pursuing research to further the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction in video content through developing a Multimedia-Forensic-Education-Lab

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