Ah, but you are the woman of Switzerland!

Even in 2017, IT remains a male-dominated world. Meeting with Priska Altorfer, Member of the Board of Directors of the Swiss IT Society, to discuss the place of women in the industry Priska Altorfer Member of the Board of Directors, Swiss Informatics Society You are active in several entities to […]

Identity in Cyberspace

I have a colleague – and this not me myself – who has recently become victim of several identity thefts in a row. The goal of the thefts was to severely damage his life and to get into his footsteps, assignments, and contracts in business. According to popular assumptions the […]

More Surveillance; Fewer Basic Rights

Practically simultaneously, the online editions of Zeit and Spiegel publish articles against the German government’s surveillance mania. Kai Biermann headlines his commentary A rotten game with people’s fear. He describes how the German government and the secret services exploit the fear of the citizens more and more in order to […]