Priska Altorfer Portrait

Ah, but you are the woman of Switzerland!

05/07/2017 0

Even in 2017, IT remains a male-dominated world. Meeting with Priska Altorfer, Member of the Board of Directors of the Swiss IT Society, to discuss the place of women in the industry Priska Altorfer Member […]

Economy 2.0 Summer Edition

Identity in Cyberspace

04/07/2017 0

I have a colleague – and this not me myself – who has recently become victim of several identity thefts in a row. The goal of the thefts was to severely damage his life and […]

Informatik und Gesellschaft SIG

More Surveillance; Fewer Basic Rights

01/07/2017 0

Practically simultaneously, the online editions of Zeit and Spiegel publish articles against the German government’s surveillance mania. Kai Biermann headlines his commentary A rotten game with people’s fear. He describes how the German government and […]