Multimedia News : The reality behind “Virtual Switzerland

The Reality Behind “Virtual Switzerland

To the question: “What is special about an artist who makes digital art?” probably only a few insiders would know a fitting answer. In order to find a meaningful answer to this question, I accompanied the artist Art Clay in Lugano for two days and tried to capture some authentic impressions with the camera.As usual with real documentaries, I pressed the record button a few frames too late from time to time. Nevertheless, there were some interesting moments during the visit to Lugano at the “Virtuale Switzerland Festival” in June last year, which allow at least the beginning of an answer to the question posed at the beginning.

More about Virtuale Switzerland can be found here.

Virtuale Switzerland Web-Seite

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Fredy Schwyter heads the SIG Multimedia and with a MA in Professional Practice in Creative Media Industries, he is engaged in pursuing research to further the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction in video content through developing a Multimedia-Forensic-Education-Lab

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