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The Swiss Digital Finance Conference!

Since 2016, the Swiss Informatics Society has been co-organizing the Swiss Digital Finance Conference at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) as part of a partnership. Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas from the HSLU is responsible for the management of the conference. He is lecturer and head of the MAS Digital Business Management & MAS Business Intelligence at HSLU. He is supported as co-conference chair by Jochen Waltenberger from the Swiss Informatics Society. The moderator was Oscar Neira, who together with Jochen Waltenberger heads the E-Conomy specialist group of the Swiss Informatics Society. This specialist group deals with the effects of digitalization on people, with a special focus on the economic influences.

IT puts pressure on old business models and promotes Swiss computer scientists

Hardly any sector has been challenged as much as the financial sector in recent years. Banks and insurance companies are fighting with apps and robots against tech giants like Google, Apple or Facebook. PayPal has been showing for years that the trend towards simple and web-based financial solutions is not hype, but the future.

The balanced handling of technological possibilities, legal feasibility and social responsibility is an ideal fit for Switzerland as a location. The Swiss Informatics Society unites IT professionals who are significantly involved in the solutions of the future for the financial sector. That is why the partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts to organize the Swiss Digital Finance Conference is so important: The members of the Swiss Informatics Society get an attractive platform to meet and exchange ideas with exciting players!

Target audience: Business and IT managers as well as future-oriented minds

Hardly any technology conference unites as many roles as the Swiss Digital Finance Conference: from students to business managers of banks or fintech companies. Insurance, technology and telecommunications companies. Business consultants and developers. Ideal conditions for the exchange of ideas, opinions and even application dossiers.

At the Swiss Digital Finance Conference, the classic financial world meets its challengers from the digital age!

Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas, HSLU, Conference Chair in the new Audimax at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The Swiss Digital Finance Conference 2020 – under special conditions.

The latest Swiss Digital Finance Conference (DFC) was held for the first time in the new premises of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The campus of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, which opened in 2019, offers the ideal infrastructure including catering, with a direct location at the Rotkreuz train station. Like many other conferences, attendance at this  DFC suffered from familiar limitations. On the other hand, participants were able to opt for streaming for the first time, which allowed them to find out online about the latest trends and insights on the topic of fintech. As the exchange between all participants is a core element of the DFC, the streaming was also moderated and questions were answered directly in the room.

Program Review of the Swiss Digital Finance Conference 2020

Digital Finance Trends & Developments
Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Computer Science

Keynote: How AI changes the Rules of the Finance Game
Spiros Margaris, CEO, Margaris Ventures

(De)Centralized Finance
Markus Hartmann, Head Tokenization Sygnum

Open Banking is the new Punk
Ralph Hutter, Head Product Management Ecosystems and
Sven Biellmann, Product Manager Ecosystem, both Finnova

Redefining Finance
Urs Bernegger, SEBA

Data-driven Banking
Dominik Wurzer, CEO, Contovista

Panel Discussion: Banks vs. Ecosystems – Opportunity or Threat for Swiss Banks?
Oscar Neira, Codd & Date Suisse GmbH (panel moderator)
Urs Bolt, Product Manager Digital Banking, ti&m
Urs Bernegger, SEBA
Julia Holzgreve, Director Innovation Scouting & Strategic Partnerships, Keen Innovation
Ralph Hutter, Head Product Management Ecosystems, Finnova
David Kauer, Lead Innovator & Member of Management, PostFinance

Conclusion and outlook
Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Computer Science

The Swiss Digital Finance Conference Team (Oscar Neira, SI, Moderator; Jochen Waltenberger, SI, Co-Conference Chair; Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas, HSLU) with KeyNote Speaker Margios Spiros (2nd from right)

The DFC 2020 program reflected one trend in particular

Companies in and around the financial sector have to permanently deal with new technologies and assess and implement opportunities. This will compete with or even replace old business models and business areas. The earlier the change becomes embedded in the corporate culture, the better the chances for survival in the market.

In addition, previous paradigms are being questioned, such as in the online article in the Luzerner Zeitung titled: “We can no longer rely on people to communicate with customers.” And yet, “The bank knows more than Google. »

On the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts page, you will find various exciting media reports in addition to details about the speakers.

The Swiss Digital Finance Conference 2021 – again with special price for SI members!

Members of the Swiss Informatics Society benefit from a preferential price of CHF 250. The normal price for on-site participation is CHF 390, including catering (break and aperitif) as well as the documents and presentations. Participation via stream costs CHF 58.

Registration via www.hslu.ch/sdfc (select special price for SI members)

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021

We would be pleased to welcome members of the Swiss Informatics Society in Rotkreuz. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jochen Waltenberger and Oscar Neira from the E-Conomy specialist group.

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Jochen Waltenberger


Jochen Waltenberger has been digitizing financial services in the area of corporate and investment banking for national and international banks for around 25 years. The last 7 years he worked for HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) and Commerzbank in an international environment. This included projects in Europe, the USA and Asia, where the main focus was on the implementation of cash pools across different countries in different currencies. As a graduate in business informatics, he was always jointly responsible for the technical implementation.



Oscar Neira


Oscar Neira is responsible for business development at Codd & Date Suisse GmbH. The modernization of payment transactions, open banking and digital eco-systems at the interface to the customer are close to his heart. As editor of the financial news platform www.MoneyToday.ch, he regularly writes on finance and banking topics. In social media, he has made a name for himself as an influencer. In German-speaking countries, he also supports FinTechs in the area of “market entry”, primarily strategically. He is also a sought-after expert speaker, keynote speaker and moderator at international events, trade fairs and congresses.

Swiss Digital Finance Conference

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