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Swiss IFIP Committee Seeks Applications

28/03/2020 0

The Swiss IFIP Committee seeks applications for Swiss representatives in the following IFIP Technical Committees: – TC 8  (Information Systems) – TC 9  (ICT and Society) – TC 10 (Computer Systems Technology) Please find details […]

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Rückgrat und Steigbügel des Homeoffice und Digitalisierung

28/03/2020 0

Resiliente und sichere Hybrid-Cloud: Rückgrat und Steigbügel des Homeoffice und Digitalisierung – speziell auch in Corona-Phase An Diskussionen, in den Medien oder in Digitalisierungs-Projekten wird viel von «Cloud» gesprochen, von App- und Daten-Clouds, auf die […]

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Business Informatics SIG

The birth of the new Business Informatics Division

17/03/2020 0

Professor Dr. Edy Portmann and his research team are in the process of establishing a new special interest group in the field of computer science. Parallel to this, a new special interest group “Business Informatics” […]


What’s Wrong with AI? A Discussion Paper

02/03/2020 1

AI ON THE RISE There are probably not many people who would doubt that we have arrived in an age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Of course, this opens up many previously untapped […]