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The Curious Case of Software Documentation

Many programmers share the viewpoint “code is documentation enough” and do not invest time and effort into documenting their code. However, absent software documentation often is a sign of cognitive biases and poor management practices, rather than source code clarity. In turn, such attitude leads to an increase of cognitive […]

A stage for women in IT
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A Stage for Women in IT

  In the scope of the initiative the Swiss Informatics Society (SI) publishes portraits of women in IT from June to December 2021. SI has been looking for female role models and found many women who have made their way into IT even if IT is still a men’s […]

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How to Deploy Big Data and AI in Business

Quick wins, substantial wins, and big wins in big data and AI deployment follow different patterns of identification and implementation. Knowing these patterns makes it easier to perform a proper expectation management. Quick wins Quick wins with big data and/or AI re not as quick as people expect. Usually it […]

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Abstracting Digital Documents to Think about Cultural Preservation

The textual scholar and literary critic Jerome McGann begins his most recent book with the following: “Here is surely a truth now universally acknowledged: that the whole of our cultural inheritance has to be recurated and reedited in digital forms and institutional structures.”[1] McGann emphasizes the enormous consequences of this […]

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Record participation in the Swiss IT Biber Competition

Launched in Lithuania in 2003 by Prof. Valentina Dagienė of Vilnius University, the BEBRAS competition aims to get children and young people excited about computer science and promote computational thinking. Worldwide, nearly 3 million students from 54 countries participated in the competition in 2019. From the pool of tasks designed […]

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Fresh successes at the First Lego League

The two Chur teams “i-Girls” and “Fluffy” qualify for the final of the best teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the regional championship of the First Lego League. The “i-Girls” and “Fluffy”, both teams sponsored by a cooperation of ETH Zurich and PH Graubünden, prevailed at the Chur regional […]

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GongPong.SAT: Developing Realtime Android Apps

The application underlying this case study is at the core of an award-winning concept of a distributed multi-player performance called Music for Gongs and Satellites. In short, the vision aims at turning commercially available mobile phones into devices for coordinating a group of performers who are acting as a distributed mass. […]

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Somehow you recognize faces. And somehow old masters. But somehow it’s also a bit scary. The images are part of Mario Klingemann’s video work 79530 Selfportraits, in which the artist trained a neural network exclusively with portraits of old masters. The artificial intelligence, which “sees” with the help of a […]

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Cloud Software als Innovationstreiber in ICK-Unternehmen

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector is one of the largest industries in Switzerland. The driving force behind this sustained growth is the digital transformation. It is constantly creating new trends that can be used to further optimize and expand business. The rule here is that whoever implements the […]