sidm - 8 November 2018

The Presidents Conference takes place twice a year and is the opportunity for SIG presidents to network amongst themselves and to update the SI community on their activities. The program for the event encompasses a variety of subjects ranging from arts and informatics and  digital heritage to bitcoin and life long learning for IT professionals.  SI President Reinhard Riedl will give a brief welcome address and then move on to important subjects needed to discussed; the new SISR President will share his vision for SISR and elaborate on the section’s future plans.  The event will close with a reception and the presentation of a film made during the Swiss Digital Summit that focuses on the life and work of Peter Grenacher, the Zurich based artist and researcher who exhibited his studies on the Ishango-Bone.

The address for the conference is as follows:

ETH Zurich
Lesersaal – CAB G 59
Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zurich

A reception will take place after the conference at the following location:

ETH Zurich
Foyer – CAB G 10.005
Universitätstrasse 6, 8092 Zurich


Präsidenten Konferenz 6. 12. 2018

About the Program
Arthur Clay, SI Events

SI: The Challenges and Chances Ahead
Reinhard Riedl, SI President

SISR Update
Francis Baud, SISR President

SIG Multimedia
VR AR MR Workshop an der ETH von 26.9.2018
Fredy Schwyter. SIG MM President

Towards a Bitcoin Glossary
Jochen Waltenberger, SIG E-CONOMY, President

SIG BRIDGE Community
FSIE-Status» / das Zertifikat «Expert FSIE BRIDGE
Simon Moser, SIG BRIDGE Community, President

SIG Digital Arts & Technology
Introduction zu ETH Talk Series Informatik und Kunst
Anna Kälin, Julia Schicker, ETH,SI Digital Magazine

SIG Digital Heritage
Introduktion zu der Ausstellung Ishango-Knochen, SDS 2018
Peter Grenacher, CH-Künstler

Empfang mit Gästen* (CAB Foyer)
Gast: Andreas Schläpfer, GreenIT
Gast: Francis Baud, SISR President
Gast: Rene Schumann, SGAICO (tbc)

Film „In Oslo Veritas von Ararat videos 2018


    Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft
    Schwarztorstrasse 31
    3007 Bern
    Tel +41 (0)32 512 23 33


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