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Balzert Award 2022

This year’s Helmut and Heide Balzert Award for outstanding contributions to the teaching and the Didactics of Informatics has been given to Stefan Seegerer.

Balzert Award Ceremony

Award ceremony on September 29, 2022 in Hamburg
Middle: the award winner Stefan Seegerer.
From left to right: Martin Glinz (SI Board Member), Helmut and Heide Balzert (Award Donators), Stefan Seegerer (Award winner), Ulrike Lucke (GI Vice-President), Ronald Bieber (OCG Secretary General)
Photo: GI, Fabian Hammerl

In 2021, Helmut and Heide Balzert have donated an annual award for outstanding contributions to the teaching and the Didactics of Informatics. It is endowed with € 10,000. The award is bestowed by the German Informatics Society GI together with the Swiss Informatics Society SI, the Austrian Computer Society OCG and the Prof. Balzert Foundation. It is given annually to the author(s) of an outstanding work from one of the following fields:

  • Digital teaching of of difficult topics in Informatics by means of innovative didactics,
  • Didactic concepts and their innovative use for Informatics content, for example, by a textbook in combination with online interaction and e-learning,
  • Digital examination of knowledge, skills and abilities of facts in Informatics as well as competence in Informatics by means of innovative didactics.

All universities (including universities of applied sciences) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can nominate works for the award. Professors or lecturers may nominate bachelor, master, PhD, and habilitation theses. In addition, didactically outstanding work used in higher education in schools or in adult education can be nominated. More details are available here (in German only).

A selection committee, consisting of Helmut Balzert as a donator and a board of experts appointed by GI, OCG, and SI selects the winner from the nominations.

Balzert Award Ceremony

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