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Invitation: Vösi Study “Modelling in the Software Industry”

Modeling supports the entire lifecycle of software – from requirements, design, and development to implementation and maintenance. Various methods, tools and models are used in this process. Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD or MDD) with its methodology influences both the technical and the business approach and thus also the collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the project. The process of model-driven development therefore also includes the social components that are crucial for the market success of software.

From practice, for practice: Which methods and tools are currently in use?

The VÖSI Special Interest Group “Enterprise Architecture Management” therefore investigates in a study which methods and which tools are currently used in software development. The focus is particularly on modeling in the sense of: Who, when and how. The following topics are included in this study:

  • Choice and use of tools, methods and programming languages (selection procedure, use in daily work)
  • Demographics of the company and socio-demographics of the study participant.
  • Use of modeling in software development
  • Involvement of internal and external stakeholders in software development through modeling
  • Positive and negative experiences with the use of modeling

The goal is to derive “best practices” from the results of this study and also to determine the prerequisites for anchoring modeling in companies.

 Invitation to participate in the study

SIG invites software developers to participate in this study:

Responses to these questions will be accepted until February 28, 2021. The data will be collected anonymously.

Study presentation in spring 2021

The results of this study will be presented and jointly discussed at an industry talk in spring 2021. The study report will then be made available to VÖSI members.

Vösi Study Key Image

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