sidm - 12 octobre 2016

I-12 is a strategic circle comprising professional IT associations across the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). It represents more than 70’000 IT professionals in Informatics, Information Technology, and applications.

This year’s annual board meeting was hosted by the Swiss Informatics Society SI and held at ETH Zürich. Topics considered relevant by I-12 for the future information society are education in IT, Continued Professional Development (CPD), and Ethics in the information age. CPD is relevant in particular in view of ICT Switzerland’s recent study 45+ that calls for counteractive measures to avoid a serious reputation damage affecting the entire landscape of IT professions. Also discussed (and agreed on) was an Austrian initiative in IT education called “Bildung 4.0” that was preliminarily harmonized with the Swiss model as promoted by the Haslerstiftung. Finally, it was decided that I-12’s visibility should be increased in the near future by piggybacking I-12 symposiums,
workshops etc. on selected IT events.

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