Raymond Morel - 16 février 2017

Today, it is important for all of us to see not just the dots,but the processes that connects to form the basis of our society. The forum is set put to help others join together online and seize the upside of disruption to generate new insights to bring people from diverse sectors together both private and public, as well as academic academia to challenge entrenched thinking, shift perceptions and aid in catalysing change. The change in our society is coming at a rate that one can only describe the changes as disruptive. It is unrelenting and our decision makers and leaders are grappling with tremendous uncertainty in broad array of political and social problems whose challenges are not being met. Responding to the disruptive forces has become a central issue for incumbent organisations everywhere and it is important to harness such change so that proper approach to today’s challenges increase the opportunities and not lesses them. Through open discussion, the forum does this by increasing the focus on what we are experiencing as disruptive. So that disruption taking place is not responded to a as a threat but embraced as something that can be taking advantage of depsite the rapidly changing environment. Goal is that discussion is the first step to action and that action taken in any form will aid in the needed transformation of business models and increase the value networks driven by innovation so that public policy, macroeconomic trends, geopolitical events and other developments finally come about.

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