The Art of the Blockchain

The acronym NTF stands for non-fungible token is one that is crossing boundaries in the digital world. An NTF is a unit of data stored on a blockchain so that it certifies as unique and non-interchangeable digital asset. Although, NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio […]

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Become a Member of SI Networking As an SI member, you are part of a respected and active network of computer scientists and  IT professionals. As a member of SI you are able to join  one or more of the SI Special Interest Groups (SIG). Events Members receive invitations to SI’s Swiss Digital Summit Members receive invitations events organised by SI […]

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How to Deploy Big Data and AI in Business

Quick wins, substantial wins, and big wins in big data and AI deployment follow different patterns of identification and implementation. Knowing these patterns makes it easier to perform a proper expectation management. Quick wins Quick wins with big data and/or AI re not as quick as people expect. Usually it […]

Abstracting Digital Documents to Think about Cultural Preservation

The textual scholar and literary critic Jerome McGann begins his most recent book with the following: “Here is surely a truth now universally acknowledged: that the whole of our cultural inheritance has to be recurated and reedited in digital forms and institutional structures.”[1] McGann emphasizes the enormous consequences of this […]