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Every Crisis is a Chance

Dear Members

We hope this letter finds you and your family well and  SI would also like to assure all of our members that SI has taken measures so that the association continues with its duties towards its members and is continuing its work for the IT community in Switzerland in general.

We believe that the situation that has unexpectantly come about due to the COVID-19 pandemic is a serious crisis and a true challenge to the IT community. It is however a chance for all of us in it to adapt, innovate, and by doing so to contribute in finding solutions capable of reducing the impact felt in many areas of our society.

In direct regard to SI and how the situation is affecting the associations, you will find important information regarding the association, its factions, and events. The information is provided to orientate and to assure that SI is moving forward.

SIDM & SI Event Agenda
The SI Digital Magazine and the SI Event Agenda continue to flourish with new article and events. Due to restrictions on meetings during the COVID-19 crisis, SI is making efforts increase its publishing activities for the SIDM and is placing special emphasis in publishing interesting online events such as online workshops, streamed talks, etc, on the SI Event Agenda.

SI Board
The agenda fort the board meetings will remains as planned, but additional meetings will be planned for April to address any issues in regard to the presentation situation and to make decisions in response to it.  Like many others, we have adjusted to the situation and are communicating using teleconferencing tools with good results.

SI Presidents
The SI Office work for the Special Interest Groups will continue without interruption.  At present, payments of invoices take place twice a month. If invoices are sent in per email to the SI Office [], payments will take place within a period of 15 days.

SI Members
The SI Board assures all SI members that measures have been take to ensure that the association’s activities move forward at that any activity that has been planned and must be moved to a date in the future is being managed.  Events that have been affected and must be held at later dates are as follows:

General Assembly
Our General Assembly was originally planned for 20 May 2020. To the fact that the peak of the COVID-19 will arrive around mid-May, the SI Board felt that it was necessary to move the General Assembly to a later date.  At the present moment, we are in the process of choosing a date for the event.  Members will be informed as soon as a date has been decided upon and the meeting space has been reserved.

Swiss Digital Summit
The Swiss Digital Summit was planned to take place in conjunction with the General Assembly. The event will be moved to late September or October and take place as planned in the Berner Rathaus. Of note here, is that this year’s SDS program is complete and that SI Members and the IT community in general can look forward to a rich and reward program.

SI Office
Already in the form of a virtual office, the SI office continues it duties and outside of having to make the efforts to adjust to the change of needs, operations remain unaffected.  Should any SI member have a need for more information or would like to have questions answered, please feel free to contact the office directly.

The office can be contacted on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am to 2pm per telephone. Outside of weekends, emails are answered within a 48 hour period.


Warm regards,


Reinhard Riedl, SI President




SI News Graphic

SI Logo

The Swiss Informatics Society SI is the association of Informatics professionals in Switzerland.

Die Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft SI ist der Verband der Informatikfachleute in der Schweiz.

La Société Suisse d’Informatique SI est l’association des professionnels de l’informatique en Suisse.

La Società Svizzera di Informatica SI è l’associazione dei professionisti dell’informatica in Svizzera.