Fredy Schwyter - 22 June 2021

The SCSDs were one of the most important meetings regarding Cyber Security in Switzerland in 2021. Here, leading personalities from business, education, transport, health, energy, space and the military world met in virtual space. Although mostly three presentations took place at the same time, you can see here an attempt to summarize in the form of a trilogy with three videos of approx. 1.5 hours each. This can give you an overview of the current state of cyber security in Switzerland, with some additional approaches from abroad. You will find here the first video of this trilogy. The other two videos will be published soon.
This summary was made possible by the support of the SCSD and SI management. Our heartfelt thanks go to them! The project leader of this project is Fredy Schwyter, Head of Special Interest Group Multimedia. The project includes the selection of the projections and the editing.

SCSD Summary 2021 Part 1

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