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SI Evening Talk: Data for the Benefit of the Patient

Tuesday November 29, 2022 17:30-20:00
isolutions AG, The Circle 38, 8058 Zurich (Airport)

The use of patient data is a controversial topic. The main question is: Why is it so complicated to leverage patient data in order to improve care pathways?

Data for the benefit of the patient: Speakers

Dr. Elke Mittendorf, Data Governance Manager, University Hospital Zurich
“How can we govern data use and capture – in the interest of patients”

Prof. em. Dr. Ernst Hafen, ETH Zurich
“Data to the People – Towards a people-centred health data ecosystem”

Dr. Carsten Danzer, Innovation Delivery Lead, Healthcare Industry, Roche
“Let’s enable a sustainable health care business for humans!”

Participation is free. Registration is required.

Data for the benefit of the patient: Speakers

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The Swiss Informatics Society SI is the association of Informatics professionals in Switzerland.

Die Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft SI ist der Verband der Informatikfachleute in der Schweiz.

La Société Suisse d’Informatique SI est l’association des professionnels de l’informatique en Suisse.

La Società Svizzera di Informatica SI è l’associazione dei professionisti dell’informatica in Svizzera.