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The Special Interest Groups of Swiss Informatics Society

It was at the SI’s Foundation Meeting 20 October 1983 that the establishment of the very first special interest group (SIG) was proposed, the Swiss Group for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (SGAICO). Six years later, in 1989, the president of SI (Rudolf Marty) remarked: “Our special interest groups have significantly contributed to the reputation of the Swiss Informatics Society through their activities; in addition, they have delivered many positive impulses to the development of their area of expertise in Switzerland”.[1]

This dynamism endured in the years that followed and resulted in a total number of 26 SIG of the Swiss Informatics Society today. Our SIG are at the heart of SI and have constantly been the major source of our activities. Every year the conferences and seminars organised by our SIG kept attracting large numbers of interested participants who contributed to the sustainment or even increase of our total membership.

Some of today’s SIG may have been active for many years but they have always taken great care to synchronise the level of their activities with the development of research and technology in Switzerland and the world. This is the flexibility and professionalism which makes our SIG so attractive to their members. The SIG of the Swiss Informatics Society are primarily active in Switzerland but some of them maintain active international contacts e.g. via CEPIS in Brussels.

The objectives of SI’s SIG vary according to the subjects they represent. Basically, they mostly direct their activities as follows: Promote their area of professional expertise within research and university education; exchange of knowledge and opinions between specialists of their area of expertise; define, evaluate and carry out specific strategies; establish and maintain personal and group networks; create and organise events; possibly even provide consulting services. Subjects such as sustainability and new developments in society are important to many SIG. Some of them actively support a better interplay between industry and education or research.

For more details and a list of the SIG of the Swiss Informatics Society consult this link:



[1] François Louis Nicolet: Chronik der Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft 1983-2004

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The Swiss Informatics Society SI is the association of Informatics professionals in Switzerland.

Die Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft SI ist der Verband der Informatikfachleute in der Schweiz.

La Société Suisse d’Informatique SI est l’association des professionnels de l’informatique en Suisse.

La Società Svizzera di Informatica SI è l’associazione dei professionisti dell’informatica in Svizzera.