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Corona- und Digitalisierungs-Challenge als das «Neue Normale»

Die Planung und Umsetzung der Transformation / Digitalisierung sollte ein vom Management gesteuerter und vom mittleren Management aktiv unterstützter Prozess sein. Das bzw. der diesbezügliche Reifegrad der Digitalisierung der Organisationen wurde speziell in den letzten Monaten ersichtlich und auch noch kommender Zeit weiterhin stark (heraus)gefordert in technologischer und organisatorischer Hinsicht. […]

GongPong.SAT: Developing Realtime Android Apps

The application underlying this case study is at the core of an award-winning concept of a distributed multi-player performance called Music for Gongs and Satellites. In short, the vision aims at turning commercially available mobile phones into devices for coordinating a group of performers who are acting as a distributed mass. […]

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Editorial for the autumn issue 2020

Dear SI members, Dear SIDM readers, The spotlight of this issue of Swiss Digital Magazine features two articles on hot topics, albeit seemingly independent of each other. The first of the two spotlight articles explores the question of why computer science should become an obligatory subject in compulsory schooling, i.e. […]

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Somehow you recognize faces. And somehow old masters. But somehow it’s also a bit scary. The images are part of Mario Klingemann’s video work 79530 Selfportraits, in which the artist trained a neural network exclusively with portraits of old masters. The artificial intelligence, which “sees” with the help of a […]