Big Data ≧ Data +++++

26/02/2017 Reinhard Riedl 0

Big Data ≧ Data + Questions + Algorithmic Knowledge + Commitment + Collaboration. Many big data activities fail to establish the necessary preconditions for success. In science the main challenges are the access to data and […]

SI News Graphic

Editorial Newsletter Winter 2017

18/02/2017 Arthur Clay 0

Dear SI Member You are holding a revived version of our newsletter in your hand. This publication is one of three components of the online presence of the SI 2.0. The other two are the […]


ICT-Support – better together

15/02/2017 Fridel Rickenbacher 0

For decades, due to a lack of real alternatives, business process/requirements had to be mapped with local ICT support processes and also “best practices” based system management environments that have functioned to date and always […]


Security by Design

01/02/2017 Fridel Rickenbacher 0

Almost 90% of successful cyber attacks start with phishing attacks / social engineering e.g. via email and the malware activated and spread via this e.g. ransomware, encryption Trojans, spyware. -> With now easily controllable and automated […]