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Big Data ≧ Data +++++

26/02/2017 0

Big Data ≧ Data + Questions + Algorithmic Knowledge + Commitment + Collaboration. Many big data activities fail to establish the necessary preconditions for success. In science the main challenges are the access to data and […]

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Multimedia SIG

Neue Einsichten in der Ausbildung im Bereich Multimedia

23/02/2017 0

Wie die Ausbildung im Bereich Multimedia Production an  der HTW Chur bei den Studierenden ankommt, zeigen beispielhaft vier nachfolgende Statements von ehemaligen Studierenden nach deren Eintritt ins Berufsleben. Florence Gross, Marc Fehr, Benjamin Hanimann und […]

Reveal Workshop
Multimedia SIG

Start zu einem Virtuellen Multimedia-Forensic-Education-Lab

23/02/2017 0

In der Schweiz sind mehrere Institutionen an einem unabhängigen Multimedia-Forensic-Education-Lab interessiert. Eine Realisierung scheiterte bisher am Aufwand, am unsicheren Business-Case  oder an unterschiedlichen Zielsetzungen. Seit Anfang 2016 ist in der EU ein grosses Forschungsprojekt mit […]

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Editorial Newsletter Winter 2017

18/02/2017 0

Dear SI Member You are holding a revived version of our newsletter in your hand. This publication is one of three components of the online presence of the SI 2.0. The other two are the […]


Blogroll: Upside of Disruption

16/02/2017 0

Today, it is important for all of us to see not just the dots,but the processes that connects to form the basis of our society. The forum is set put to help others join together […]

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Computational Thinking ≠ Programming

15/02/2017 0

Introduction Computational Thinking is argued to be tomorrow’s reality as a crucial skill for the 21st Century workforce. What process one follows to formulate and resolve a problem, and how the abilities of human thinking […]

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ICT-Support – better together

15/02/2017 0

For decades, due to a lack of real alternatives, business process/requirements had to be mapped with local ICT support processes and also “best practices” based system management environments that have functioned to date and always […]

Image Security by Design

Security by Design

01/02/2017 0

Almost 90% of successful cyber attacks start with phishing attacks / social engineering e.g. via email and the malware activated and spread via this e.g. ransomware, encryption Trojans, spyware. -> With now easily controllable and automated […]